ID Bracelets

Fisherbrand™ Securline™ Blood Bands

Ideal for use in trauma centers

Typenex™ Barcode Blood Band for Preprinted Labels

Embodies diverse transfusion processes, while enabling blood banks to deliver the right blood to the right recipient

PDC Healthcare Securline™ BarCode Blood Band with Standard Format Labels

Streamlines blood transfusion process and improves patient safety by reducing human errors related to patient identification

Typenex™ Original Blood Bands

Simple patient prompts for handwriting patient information

PDC Healthcare Sentry™ SuperBand™ Alert Bands

Provide maximum security and comfort

PDC Healthcare Securline™ Blood Band Plus

Large, white data area offers clear and easy readability, helping to reduce medical errors

Typenex™ Barcode Bands for Handwriting

Facilitates clear handwring of patient information which is then protected with a shield

Typenex™ R3 Band

Intended for reattaching or resizing any Typenex barcode blood bands in patients

PDC Healthcare ClearImage™ Alert Bands

Constructed of a unique translucent material for a distinctive look and feel

Typenex™ Barcode Blood Band Plus for Preprinted Labels

Used by hundreds of hospitals, now with 5+ days durability

PDC Healthcare Ident-Alert™ Color Coded Snaps

Accurate patient classification is a snap with Ident-Alert™ Color Coded Snaps

Typenex™ Blood Recipient Verification System

Ensures accuracy of blood cross-matching procedures

PDC Healthcare SecurLink™ Blood Recipient System

Provides positive, immediate identification for cross-matching and charting